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Forestry services

The Centre for Forest Transportation performs a wide range of works for forest inspectorates concerning forest cultivation and utilization.

Wood acquisition and log-rolling with the use of multi-operational machines:

  • Harvester,
  • Forwarder.

Preparation of grounds for renewal
Crushing of residues, bushes and lichens on post-clearing surfaces with the use of a tractor with a disc shredder and a knife shredder.

Tillages for renewal

  • LPZ plough with and without a dredger,
  • active plough,
  • frieze head,
  • preparing borders and border – rolls with the use of ploughing miller.

In terms of fire protection
Mineralization (setting and renewing of fire belts with a forest disc harrow and a miller).

Forest nursery activities

  • maintenance works in the nurseries,
  • processing of compost.

Other activities in terms of green areas preservation

  • mowing of hunting fields, ditches and roadsides,
  • thorough clearing of areas under power lines,
  • works under gas lines and other green areas,
  • crushing of bushes and lichens on post – rural areas and orchards, and the like.