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Fuel wood, sawdust and wood shavings

Additional products are sawdust, wood shavings and fuel wood of the following types: acacia, beech, oak, birch, alder and poplar.

Sawmill wood shavings – residues of abrading and trimming. Packed in bundles measuring:

  • 2-4 m in length,
  • c. 1 m in width,
  • c. 1 m in height,
  • c. 700 kg in weight.

Fuel wood chopped – these are residues of lumber, chunks of 5-6 cm in length and 2-5 cm in thickness which come from cutting of elements and friezes. They are packed in pallets measuring:

  • 1-1.2 m in length,
  • c. 1 m in height,
  • 1-1.2 m in width,
  • c. 600 kg in weight.

Sawdust – by-product coming from abrading and further wood processing.