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Sawmill production

Wood plant in Klenica operating alongside the Centre for Forest Transportation is one of the biggest sawmills processing deciduous wood in Lubuskie District.

Many years of experience allowed us to introduce into the market such products as:


  • deciduous and coniferous lumber, trimmed and untrimmed, dry and wet,
  • deciduous and coniferous furniture friezes, dry and wet,
  • deciduous and coniferous framework elements,
  • furnishing elements of car rest spots and green areas,
  • elements of pallets and packaging,
  • sawdust, wood shavings and parcelled fuel wood.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines included in the FSC® certificate.

Production of furniture friezes

An important element in our production are furniture and flooring friezes.

Production of lumber

The basis of our production is coniferous and deciduous lumber trimmed and untrimmed, dry and wet. Our technical base enables the completion of any customer's order.

Elements of pallets construction

Wood Plant in Klenica offers wooden elements of pallets and packaging for sale.

Fuel wood, sawdust and wood shavings

Additional products are sawdust, wood shavings and fuel wood of the following types: acacia, beech, oak, birch, alder and poplar.