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Structure of the Centre

The Centre for Forest Transportation in Świebodzin is a unit of State Forests in the administrative area of Regional Directorate of State Forests (RDLP) in Zielona Góra

The Centre offers a wide array of services in terms of forestry works, transport and processing of wood as well as car and machine repairs. OTL also runs freshwater fish breeding as well as construction and renovation of forest roads.

Organisationally the Centre includes;

  • Territorial Units Świebodzin and Lubsko – providing services in terms of forest works and wood transportation,
  • Road Building and Maintenance Team,
  • Wood Plant in Klenica,
  • Fishing Farm,
  • Workshop – providing repairs in Świebodzin.

The Centre is headed by The OTL Director in Świebodzin, ul. Poznańska 10.