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Construction of car rest spots

In order to meet the requirements of ‘Active Forest Accessibility' campaign (AUL) OTL introduced in its offer a complex service in terms of building furnished car rest spots. We launched the venture in 2013 and have serviced Forest Inspectorates in that matter ever since.

The works in this range include:

  • • preparation of ground for construction,
  • • smoothing ground and setting surface with breakstone,
  • • placing of car rest spots furnishings.

All wooden installations have been produced in our wood plant in Klenica. Resting sets include:

  • • self-contained carports,
  • • tables and benches,
  • • waste containers,
  • • information boards.

All car rest spots are enclosed with a fence of either bonanza or perch type. Any additional information can be found on particular inspectorates' web pages.